Review: Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron & Steamer

Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and SteamerThe Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer is the ultimate solution for clearing out the wrinkles found on your garments. This iron has some powerful features: an extra-large water tank and a steaming base with a compact design that allows it to fit almost any ironing board. The water tank will give you a sufficient amount of steam, approximately 1 and1/2 hours of consistent steam.

The base also has an iron rest that is heat-proof and provides for easy storage. The high-powered steam is activated by a single touch of a button. It’s high-powered spray enables you to spray at horizontal and vertical angles. It will assist in clearing out challenging creases and wrinkles. It’s great for hanging garments.

The steam control can be adjusted to address different types of material. There is a light steam option that allows you to work with delicate materials and powerful steam for thicker and heavier fabrics. Other features include, a power cord that measures 12 feet in length, 1750 watts of power and a handle that is rubberized for easy handling.


  • High powered iron that uses 1750 watts of power. Has a 33 oz tank that provides 1-1/2 hours of continual use.
  • Steam system is powerful enough to work in an upright position.
  • Steam controller can be adjusted to cater to different fabric types.
  • Body is made of stainless steel that is polished. The ergonomic design allows you to trigger steam as needed.
  • Includes a 12 foot electrical cord, 6 foot steam cord and a compact base.

The Reviews

The Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer was reviewed a total of 169 times. Most of the reviews were positive. Out of a possible 5 stars, this product was able to get 4 of them.

Many agreed that it does a great job of ironing stuff and taking out the creases and tough wrinkles found on clothes. A few had commented that they were able to speed up the time that they iron, which translated to what seems like less work. This model will steam the fabric while you iron it. Many have found that you only really need to iron your chosen fabric one time because the heat and steam provided usually get the job done on one pass.

The steam let out from the iron is really powerful. One of the reviewers had jokingly said that when she started using the iron, the surroundings looked like she was in some sort of rock concert. Needless to say the clothes she ironed came out perfect. Many of the reviewers were long time users of Rowenta and were happy with the products that the company had been providing over the years, this one included.

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There is one thing thing should be mentioned. A reviewer who was a long time user of Rowenta irons decided to buy this model because their old one needed to be replaced. She was a little disappointed because it seemed to cause excessive spotting. When she contacted customer service, they said they were aware of the problem and that they would take this under consideration. The reviewer just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this issue before deciding on purchasing this model.

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