Review: T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron

T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord IronThe T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron makes the usually tedious task of ironing your clothes and fabrics more enjoyable. This iron was carefully designed to help you get through tons of napkins, shirts, slacks and more in a shorter time frame. The soleplate is will not mess up your fabric because it encourages easy gliding. The design will allow you to work around seams, pleats and buttons.

The soleplate has 64 steam holes: 37 microholes are designed to diffuse steam across the entire surface, while the 27 large holes allows for increased performance. It provides steam continuously to help you battle challenging wrinkles. The water tank has a large sealed opening that lets you easily fill and prevent spills.

There is a temperature control feature that helps you provide the right amount of heat for certain fabrics. The easy cord system helps accidents from happening and keeps the cord out of your way. The button controls are easy to use. The system itself is self cleaning and has a safety feature that will shut the system down if it experiences any problems.


  • The iron’s sole plate is scratch-proof and provides for easy gliding.
  • There are 64 steam holes that offer different steam options: vertical, continuous or burst.
  • 9 oz water tank, temperature dial, self-cleaning.
  • Has an easy cord system and has an automatic shutdown feature.
  • Dimensions are 5-4/5 x 11-2/5 x 5-4/5 inches and comes with a lifetime warranty for the soleplate.

The Reviews

The T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron was reviewed a total of 233 times. It had received decent reviews from customers and there were lots of positive comments to be made. It was able to receive a convincing 4 stars out of 5.

Many liked the price that this iron goes for. For less than $50 dollars, you can get something that will help get rid of simple creases and wrinkles in most fabrics. A few liked the efficiency of the steaming system. One person made a comment saying that you can tell how good a steam iron is when the water reservoir empties out quickly. This one definitely lets out a good amount of steam to help you tackle some of the toughest wrinkles.

Some made comments that it is probably not the best iron on the market, but for the price, it gets the job done, especially on simpler tasks. There is nothing complicated about this machine. Just plug it in, fill up the water tank and then let it heat up. Then you’re ready to go.

Some complained and said that it was a little heavy compared to some of the more expensive ones. Others complained yet about the fact that felt uncomfortable to use and others complained about the colors that were being offered. If you can live with this and not a complicated soul, it might be worth checking out, especially if all you are looking for is to iron things out.

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There was a couple that complained about a defective unit that caused mini electrical shocks. When they called customer service they asked for the couple to send it in for inspection. After inspection, they ruled that there wasn’t any defect and wouldn’t cover the repairs.

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