Steam Iron Buying Tips

Do you need to spend a lot of money on a steam iron to get one that will work well for you?

The answer depends on your needs. If you require the use of a steam iron occasionally, and don’t use it very often, you can probably get by without having to spend a lot of money.

However, if you have more demanding needs, or prefer higher quality features and capabilities, you may want to look at the more expensive options out there. For a hundred bucks or more you can find very capable steam irons with very satisfying features. The high end machines can make quick work of any ironing tasks, and they are often much easier to maintain and use.

What types of features should you look for in a steam iron?

Auto-shut off – This feature is probably the most important for most people. It’s quite easy to forget that you left the steam iron running, and auto-shut off takes care of that issue easily.

Auto-adjusting steam – This feature can be nice if you want the steam iron to change the steam amounts based on the heat setting. This can be a bigger help to beginners or infrequent steam iron users that don’t like to manually control steam amounts.

Corded or cordless – Cords can get in the way easily, so look for a model that has cord-handling features to keep it from hanging over your fabric. Or else keep an eye out for cordless models as well, which are quite common these days.

Self cleaning – Some models are able to use boiled water to self-clean the steam vents. Cleaning is more important if you have hard water, which will create mineral buildup much more quickly.

Anti-calcium – Some models also keep hard water at bay by using anti-calcium measures to prevent excessive mineral buildup in your steam iron.

The Soleplates – Look for non-stick plates as they are the easiest to clean. Plates that aren’t non-stick may need to be cleaned more often but they aren’t bad necessarily.

Weight – Keep in mind how much the iron you are looking at will weigh when being used. If it’s heavy, you’re arm will fatigue more quickly if you are doing a lot of ironing in one sitting.

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